Storms leave many in Roeland Park without power amid sweltering heat

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the midst of the metro heat wave, an overnight storm made the problem worse. 

"We are not fans of the heat. We don't love it at all," said Tim Lamar. 

The strong storm created 70 mile-per-hour winds - snapping power poles and leaving 150,000 in the dark. 

"When it is warm as it is, you have to look out for people. You don't want people getting over heated during service," said Pastor Adam Carter of Leawood Baptist Church. "When we got here lights weren't coming on and we had no AC so long story short we had to cancel service this morning."

In Roeland Park hundreds lined up for ice. 

"The wind was blowing hard, the power has been out for a while and it is getting a little hot. We have to save all the stuff in the freezer," said Diane Klenklen. 

On Roe Boulevard, businesses like QuickTrip and McDonald's were closed for about 12 hours. 

"This storm came at the worst possible time around 11 when people were starting to go to bed," said Chuck Caisley with KCP&L. 

Caisley says about 600 people are working to restore power. Some will go without until at least Monday. 

"We have called in people from all over the Midwest. As far as Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa," Caisley said.

Sunday, KCP&L  gave out two tons of dry ice. They are waiting for more for Monday. 

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