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Strasburg, MO welcomes man visiting every town with same name

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 10, 2018

STRASBURG, Mo. — Jean-Yves Bart from Strasbourg, France is on a mission to visit every city with the same name around the world.

His fourth stop is right here in Strasburg, Missouri.

"The main idea behind it, or the main drive behind it is also to is sort of a celebration of the magic of words, names and language because having the same name, I feel like it's having the same link," Bart said. "It's sort of an unspoken, unknown link to all these places that I'm trying to you know, spotlight."

Strasburg City Clerk Therese Brayton said she's excited Bart is showcasing her close-knit community. 

"It is really nice to have somebody to come here and care about our town and want to learn about it and pass that knowledge on," Brayton said. "It is a small world, definitely. And I've learned a lot about Strasbourg, France from him."

There's a total of 16 Strasburg cities in the world. 

He plans to write a book on his findings and the people he's met in each of those cities.