Streetcar ballots require notarization, so here's where you can get it done

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Voters who went through the process and applied for their streetcar ballot say the extra step of getting the ballot notarized is not a huge deal.

"In fact, it might even be easier because you don't have to go on down to a voting booth,” said Duron Netsell, who is part of the group that petitioned for the streetcar expansion.

Groups for and against the expansion are setting up meetings at local coffee shops so voters can easily get their ballots notarized.

"[They're] making it as easy as they can for us,” said John Stoner, who already mailed in his ballot.

While the notarization step may seem unusual, it's par for the course when it comes to a mail-in election.

"Anytime a ballot is sent in by mail in the state of Missouri, it must be notarized,” said David Johnson, chairman of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance.

The organization representing the petitioners who put the transportation development district in front of voters in the first place is footing the bill for the election, which is why the mail-in ballot was the easy choice.

"It's about half the price of a walk in election,” said Johnson.

Johnson says voters can get the ballots notarized at their banks, or even by the county clerk.

"If voters don't even want to put a stamp on the ballot, they can go to the second floor of the Jackson County courthouse downtown, have their ballot notarized by the county clerk and then deliver it by hand to the court administrator,” said Johnson.

He also wants to remind people that notaries are not supposed to charge to notarize ballots. So, if they do, simply go somewhere else. 

For more options on places to get your ballot notarized, you can visit Connect KC's website here.


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