Streetcar supporters hold expansion route walking tour

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KC leaders are ready to start the push for an expanded streetcar route.

David Johnson, the vice-chair of the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance, said people ask him all the time when the expansion will start.

“The success of the downtown line and how well the city put that together just kind of gives people the confidence that we didn't have. It really is a start,” Johnson said.

The project will not happen overnight.

Johnson estimates it will take five to seven years to get the streetcar down to the Plaza and UMKC.

KC resident Peter Carnesciali is one person who came out Sunday to speak with leaders about the expansion.

He lives downtown would like to see the route stop on the Plaza.

“I'm really interested in seeing exactly where it's going to go, see what information they have,” Carnesciali said.

Jan Marcason is a former city councilwoman who helped bring the original line to KC. Now she’s working on behalf of the Streetcar Authority to expand it south.

“We know the interest is there, they want to know the details, they want to have some input in how it’s constructed and where the stops are, so we are really looking forward to that process,” Marcason said.

The cost will be roughly $227 million.

Just like the first time around, the people will vote. 

"We form a transportation development district so it's people who live along the rail who get to vote on whether or not they want it to incur some extra taxes to pay for it,” Marcason explained.

No specific details on an expansion have been determined. Leaders are still in the early phase of simply starting the conversation. 



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