Sun safety part of National Marina Day at Lake Jacomo

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Boaters, sailors and fishermen were among the crowds who hit the water at Lake Jacomo for National Marina Day Saturday. The annual event introduces families to water activities. 

With a clear sky, dermatologists warned of the importance of protecting your skin while having fun in the sun. Dr. Daniel Aires is a dermatologist at the University of Kansas Health System. 

He stressed wearing sunscreen with zinc as an active ingredient. He said it’s best to wear a hat and sunglasses when out in the sun. Aires said one blistering sunburn increases your chance of getting melanoma. 

“Sun is ok, burns are bad,” he pointed out. “That's an individual thing. If you're the kind of person that cannot go outside without turning pink and soon after you get the peeling and the blisters, you really can't get much sun.”  

Kayaker Terry Hill said she puts on sunscreen every time she gets on the lake. She’s had friends suffer from different forms of sun-related cancers. So she’s learned a little prevention goes a long way. 

“I want to prevent skin cancer, number one,” she said. “Number two: age. I want to try and prevent as many wrinkles as I can. I want to get a jump on that. And so I don't have to deal with a painful sunburn later on.”

While Hill’s never had a rash after putting on sunscreen, Aires has seen children and adults react to sunscreens. He suggests testing brands of sunscreen on your forearm before committing to one. If you get a rash on your forearm, you’ll likely get one anywhere you spread the lotion.  

Bass Pro Shops, Jackson County Parks + Rec and the Sheriff’s Office sponsor and participate in National Marina Day.  

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