Non-profit Raytown BMX gets back on track after thieves break into facility

Posted at 4:39 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 17:40:47-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- A local non-profit is trying to get back on track after being broken into for the second time in two months.

Track Operator Raquel Cumberford at Raytown BMX said she felt violated Tuesday morning after pulling up to the race track.

"I noticed that our back gate was wide open and I pulled up and realized that it had been taken apart," she said. 

Cumberford said it happened sometime Monday night. After removing the nuts and bolts of the gate, she said thieves moved to the concession stand.

"They cut the locks off of here which we are still so surprised that they were able to do," said Cumberford. 

Inside of the building, she said they keep loaner gear, like bikes and helmets. 

"There was quite a bit in there that could add up to value for somebody," said Cumberford. 

Fortunately, Cumberford said no equipment was stolen.

"They didn't get much this time, maybe five to ten dollars in quarters since we no longer keep funds in this building, so stop breaking into it," said Cumberford. 

The first time something like this happened was back in August.

"They took all of our sign up money and our startup money which was right at about $200," said Cumberford. 

The damage done both times still outweighs what was stolen, taking the BMX community off course.

"That prevents me from being able to provide awesome awards to our riders, improve the facility which we strive to do every single year," said Cumberford. 

Now Raytown BMX is racing to fix the damage. They’re also looking to set up security cameras.

"It's going to cost us but hopefully in the long run it prevents situations from happening like this again," said Cumberford. 

Raytown BMX filed a police report with KCMO Police, at this time they have no leads.