Turtle Fest in KC shows off Gertrude The Diving Diva

Posted at 7:24 AM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 09:44:35-04

Hey! Come out of your shell!

It’s Turtle Fest 2017 at Sea Life Kansas City!

The star of the show: Gertrude The Diving Diva!

Gertrude has called Sea Life home for the last four years or so.

She’s around ten years old and weighs close to 50 pounds.

Oh, and she deserves to be a diva after the life she has lived.

Gertrude is a Rescue Turtle!

Hilary Rescaglio, aquarist, tells us that, due to a fishing line accident, Gertrude had to have one of her front flippers amputated.

But, she still makes the rounds.

This weekend it is Everything Turtle, including Gertrude’s story, plus a look at important milestones in a sea turtle’s journey.

Jade Sparks, of Sea Life, also opened the Turtle’s Lunch Box for us early this morning.

Some of the stuff is great like sea grass and small fish.

But, some of it is horrible like bottle caps, plastic bags and netting.

You can help our sea-faring friends by bringing in a plastic bag which Sea Life will then recycle.

And, if you do, you get a discount on admission plus a free reusable bag!

So, stick your neck out and have an ocean full of fun celebrating Turtle Fest with Gertrude!