Two brothers, Army vets speak out after Mark Wisner's alleged sexual abuse at Leavenworth VA

Posted at 6:10 AM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 17:27:33-04

Two Army vet brothers are speaking out about the alleged sex abuse they experienced while seeking treatment from Mark Wisner at the Eastern Kansas VA Hospital.

Until recently, the Hutchison brothers suffered in silence.

"I believe my brother had contacted me and very plainly said, ‘Did you see Mr. Wisner?’ and I paused and said, ‘Yes, I did,’ said John Hutchison. “And I was in fear to hear the next statement. That fear was true, to hear that my brother had been a victim of that as well."

John filed his lawsuit on July 11. Josh filed his in early May. Both brothers are represented by Aaron McKee Law in Olathe.

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Both men accuse the former physician assistant of inappropriately touching them, giving the unnecessary exams for his own pleasure and over-prescribing medications.

In a court document 41 Action News requested, Wisner does not dispute the many claims of abuse he faces.

"The feelings, the awkwardness, the things that went on, you just knew weren't right,” John said.

In a federal lawsuit, it alleges Wisner told patients “I am your battle buddy, you can trust me.”

John said that is absolutely true.

“He led us to believe that was exactly what he wanted to do is build the trust up so he could care for us better. And we've realized we were manipulated very badly," said John.

The Hutchison brothers had no choice but to go back to him.

Not only for medicine and treatment for combat injuries, but to keep their earned benefits.

“The fear of losing what I earned versus the fear of being sexually assaulted again, I don't know which one was more important,” John said, tearfully.

The abuse has taken a toll on their lives and families.

John’s wife, Sarah, is also listed in the lawsuit for how the abuse has impacted their marriage.

Both men said they one want thing: Accountability for the VA.

They’re speaking out to help the other veterans and victims who are suffering, too.

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“If anything, maybe this is my opportunity to relieve some of that guilt and get over it by helping other soldiers from here on because if we don't let this be known and keep this inside, then I’m not doing right by them and not getting the justice they seek too,” said Josh.

Eight federal lawsuits have been filed against Mark Wisner and the VA.

Two criminal cases are set for trial this fall in Leavenworth County.


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