2 people detained by police at anti-Trump protest at City Hall in Kansas City

Posted at 6:16 PM, Nov 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-12 19:36:58-05
Kansas City Police say two protestors were taken into custody for suspicious activity, causing protestors and police to clash during Saturday’s protest of President-elect Donald Trump. 
The two were taken inside city hall, while others watched in confusion. 
“Honestly, all I really felt was scared because like I haven’t seen anything violent or anything scary going on and that just kind of like hit me,” said 18-year-old Heather Belser who saw the protestors being arrested. 
Police say the two were eventually let go after being pulled way from the crowd for questioning. Eventually protestors and police walked away from each other during a confrontation, allowing people to get back to protesting Trump.
“I feel that you know what he preaches it gives people that have this homophobic and bigotry outlook validation,” said protestor Daniel Stevens. 
“I think he represents division and I think he represents hate,” said protestor Cynthia Seymour.
Some came carrying signs stating “no human being is illegal” and “love trumps hate”. Others too to a megaphone to let their voices be heard.
“It feels like a really big outpouring of support and just everyone needed this,” said protestor Victoria Schmidt. 

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