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Two teens lead anti-violence effort after losing sister in shooting

Posted at 8:33 PM, Aug 19, 2019

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - — Months after losing their 15-year-old sister in a tragic shooting, two siblings are organizing anti-violence efforts in the Kansas City area to keep teenagers safe and away from crime.

Last February, 15-year-old Anjanique Wright was shot and killed outside of a basketball game at Central Academy in Kansas City, Missouri.

Six months later, her brother and sister told 41 Action News they still feel heartbreak on a daily basis.

“Waking up everyday without my twin sister makes me sick every day,” Anjanique’s 16-year-old twin sister, Angelique Wright, said. “Every day, I still cry. I’m weak. Emotionally, I’m drained.”

Pictures of Anjanique can still be found all around the house and her siblings still have a box full of booklets given out on the day she was remembered by loved ones.

Her brother, Terrion Hudson, wore a shirt Monday with images of his sister that was made following her death.

“This picture was after she got out of school,” he said, pointing to one showing Anjanique. “It’s six months, but even with time the hurt is still the same, pain is still the same.”

Anjanique's brother and sister also are channeling that pain into action.

Hudson, 18, has spoken with local civic leaders. He was recently pictured on Twitter with Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas after a meeting between the two on youth programs and involvement.

Anjanique's siblings also have helped plan events, including a special block party this weekend at the Linwood YMCA.

The effort has involved a unifying theme of raising awareness about anti-violence in the area and helping keep teens safe.

“It’s a cycle that we have to stop," Angelique said. “It’s a cycle that keeps going on, but our generation can break it for the next generation.”

Terrion added, “Her (Anjanique's) legacy is being kept alive by us inspiring others and getting others out of a situation that could result in death."

The effort comes at a crucial time for the city, which has experienced a rash of violent crimes this year involving teenagers

Johnny Waller, who is a part of the Choose Your Passion anti-violence advocacy group, said Angelique and Terrion bring a valuable perspective to fight crime.

“They are teens, so they know that population and the terms and things that appeal to teens,” Waller said. “They know what's going on out here. For them to get involved is excellent.”

Moving forward, Angelique and Terrion have plans to organize more events, sell merchandise, talk to more leaders and possibly open a shelter to assist anyone in need.

The two siblings hope to continue honoring Anjanique's life and hopefully rpevent future tragedies.

“If I know how it feels, I can stop somebody else from feeling that way,” Angelique said. “It’s better to try and stop it now and try to make a better influence on the next generation.”