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U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids proposes bill to temporarily suspend federal gas tax

KS federal gas tax
Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 22, 2022

MISSION, Kan. — As gas prices continue to rise across the nation, some lawmakers are proposing a short-term solution.

U.S. Congresswoman representing Kansas Sharice Davids announced the Gas Prices Relief Act Tuesday.

The bill would suspend the federal gas tax until Jan. 1, 2023.

"I think, particularly during this time, folks are really wanting to see some relief," Davids said. "We are seeing gas prices that are up over a dollar from what they were last year."

Davids said she's been hearing many stories of struggle from families about high gas prices, among other rising costs.

"The gas tax is $0.18 per gallon, which can really start to add up, and this is one of those ways that we are trying to get a short-term, immediate relief for folks," Davids said.

One of the biggest concerns about the tax holiday is the Highway Trust Fund, where the 18 cents goes that pays for road and highway repairs.

Davids said the legislation requires the Department of the Treasury to make general fund transfers to keep the HTF solvent.

She said the recent bi-partisan infrastructure deal will help prioritize roads and highways too.

"We're not going to lose out on any of the projects or work that we really need to see and at the same time people will feel the immediate relief of lower prices at the gas pump," Davids said.

Kansas resident Dave Dozier likes the idea and said it would be nice to pay less at the pumps.

"The infrastructure is suffering already and has been and we find ways to deal with it so there are lots of problems and lots of issues and I think you have to tackle them one at a time in their own way," Dozier said.

Davids said the bill includes safeguards to prevent oil and gas companies from pocketing the extra money.

A U.S. Senate companion bill was just introduced, which gives Davids hope the legislation will move through Congress quickly.

Davids said she's also working to focus on long-term energy and inflation solutions.

"At the same time, continuing to look at ways to bring down costs on other things by adjusting supply chain issues and bringing more manufacturing home to the U.S. so that we are less dependent on other countries," Davids said.