Waldo man runs off would-be burglar with app

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-23 18:42:37-05

For the second time in just five months, Ring helped thwart a potential break-in at Michael Lopez’s Waldo home.

Lopez was having dinner with friends the evening of Friday, Nov. 18, when an alert popped up on his phone saying his backdoor Ring camera sensed motion.

“When I popped up the app and looked what was going on there was actually someone in my backyard kind of messing with my door handle seeing if it was locked or not,” said Lopez.

Lopez used the talk back feature, saying to the suspect “Bro, get the **** outta here!”

Police were called and because of the video Lopez was able to provide a detailed description of the suspicious person.

“Wearing a jersey with a big number 4 on it kind of gives you away when you’re fleeing whatever you were doing,” said Lopez.

Kansas City police arrested 24 year-old Dominique Young on second-degree attempted burglary.

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The arrest came after another suspicious incident at the front door in June.

“My wife was actually in the tub and someone came to the door. They had a hoodie on and they made sure that the end of their sleeve covered their thumb when they rang our doorbell,” said Lopez. “She was able to answer the door without getting out of the tub and I think that kind of startled this person enough that they just kind of walked away.”

With an increase of burglaries in Lopez’s neighborhood, he hopes more of his neighbors will get similar surveillance technology and help bring down the crime.

“Unfortunately the more need for surveillance, the more that we have it, the more helpful it can be throughout the neighborhood,” said Lopez.



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