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Weary snow-shoveling KC residents ready for end to winter

Posted: 6:28 PM, Mar 03, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-03 19:29:24-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Love it or hate it, the snow keeps falling this winter and someone has to clear a path once it's on the ground.

The latest round of snow early Sunday morning left people across the metro digging out once again.

"This morning I was hoping it had missed us," said Waldo resident Ryan Stephens of Kansas City, Missouri, who is among those with snow fatigue. "At this point, it's just, 'Are you serious?' I mean, it's been too much at this point. We're in March now, and I feel like it should be spring."

Not everyone is letting the snow get them down, though.

"I really don't mind the snow," Brookside resident Josh Eucker said. "When it gets gross and slushy, I'm over it. But when they day is like this, it's sunny and snowy and dry outside, it's really nice."

If the harsh winter leads to an equally long and temparate spring, it may prove worth it.

"As long as we get a pretty long spring, I'm fine with the trade off," Brookside resident Bryan McGuire said.

There also are some who capitalize on the blanket of white. More snow means more green for the Campbell family, which shovels snow from other people's property for money.

"It's the busiest year we've had yet since being here," said Samantha Campbell, who estimated business has increased 70 percent since last year.

"We've had so many requests, that's why we've got to get the kids in sometimes," Harry Campbell said.

As long and cold and snowy as winter may have seemed, we're likely to see even more of the white stuff before winter releases its grip.

"We could get it in April, so we'll see," McGuire said.