Weekend storms ruin concertgoers experience


The storms forced several concerts and festivals to cancel, leaving people who spent a lot of money on tickets, frustrated.

On Saturday, Funk Fest canceled its concert due to severe weather.

"It's more than just a paid event," Heather Bordeaux said. "This was something that was going to be, something that you were going to remember a lifetime for."

Bordeaux and her best friend, Michele Fowler say they had been excited for the Funk Fest concert for months.

"As soon as they came on sale, is pretty much when I bought our tickets," Fowler said.

Funk Fest had a lineup filled with popular 90s artists.

"Keith Sweat, En Vogue, SWV, Guy,"  Bordeaux said with excitement. "These are people when I was younger, I couldn't afford to go see when they were huge."

But Bordeaux, Fowler and their husbands didn’t get the chance to see them.

All together, they paid $400 to see the artists they grew up watching.

"We paid $200 a couple," Fowler said. "$400 in tickets to watch DJs to play the same music that was on the radio."

The event was supposed to start at 6:30 p.m.

But in a letter Funk Fest wrote to people who attended the event, Funk Fest stated that the storms the night before caused a loss of power at the venue until 1 p.m. on Saturday, the day of the event, which caused the delay.

Of the six artists scheduled to perform, only one group did — En Vogue.

Bordeaux and Fowler say after three songs by En Vogue, concertgoers were told the concert would be delayed because of the storms.

"They sent you out to your car saying 'it's only delayed, I promise, it's only delayed and listen to the radio.'"

The concert was later canceled.

"The weather took it away, yes I get that," Fowler said. "It was more of the fact that, you know this isn't the first event you put together so you should've known beforehand that you're going to need to have a plan B."

41 Action News spoke with Ticket Master Monday about possible refunds for this event, and they stated they were told not to issue any refunds because the promoter, Variety Entertainment, stated that part of the concert did take place.

Several people on Facebook expressed their frustration, stating that wasn't true.

"Someone needs to take responsibility for it and owe up to it and either refund us or reschedule it," said Bordeaux.

Across town, another concert skipped a beat. Wille Nelson's concert at Starlight Theater was canceled.

Starlight Theater stated right now they're just waiting to hear back from the tour whether or not money will be refunded or the concert will be rescheduled.

We spoke with Variety Entertainment, the promoter of Funk Fest. In a statement, it stated that their policy is no refunds and right now they're looking to reschedule the event, but it's uncertain when that will be.

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