Why do people post crimes on social media? KC therapist, technology expert weigh in

Posted at 10:13 PM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 07:14:58-04

It seems to be the new medium of choice. Those looking to do harm are turning to Facebook to broadcast their intentions and even their crimes.

Licensed therapist Sara Minges said, "The people that are engaged in those crimes are wanting to shock everyone. They're wanting to essentially traumatize the world and say look at me."

From a murder in Cleveland to a gang rape in Chicago, videos and live streams engaging in illicit behavior are abundant.

"They're doing it to be famous, to look at me, no one's ever going to forget me and what I did. It's all over Facebook," Minges said.

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Tuesday, that reality hit the Hickman Mills Freshman Center. Four teens threatened a student in a Facebook live video, according to Kansas City Police. Thankfully, some students who saw it reported it to school administrators and they alerted police. 

Technology expert Burton Kelso told 41 Action News, "I don't want my kids seeing that type of information on the internet." The problem is videos like this are often shared and posted so much they're hard to contain. "Once your information is on the internet, it's on there for life," he said. 

Minges added, "It's extremely disturbing when you have a visual image of heinous crimes, it's hard to get that visual image out of your head. It can cause nightmares. It can cause difficulty sleeping, anxiety, fear about going to school."

There's also no way to stop it and no way to predict if and when it will happen again. Minges concluded, "It's important that we don't become accustomed to that because if we're apathetic, why would we pick up the phone and why would we take action?"