Winnetonka High School shows off new look to students

Posted at 8:19 AM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 09:19:45-04

Welcome to the Home of the Griffins! Winnetonka High School!

The griffin is a creature of legend and has a body of a lion and wings of an eagle. It’s the king of the beasts and king of the sky. It is the perfect mascot for a school aiming at perfection.

While the griffin may be mythological, the changes for the better here at Winnetonka are very real. For Matt Lindsey, this is the start of his tenth year as principal and he is as excited as the students about the new look. But, he pointed out the main reason for the changes has to do with creating an environment for learning and excellence.

This school has been here since 1971, but looks and feels brand new thanks to fresh paint, floors and pavement. Also, the staff and students are filled with Tonka Pride in keeping this destination looking great.

We met the director of food and nutrition, Jenna Knuth, in the new kitchen. It sparkles. Getting the most delicious and nutritious food to the students is job one and the new facility makes it work perfectly.

Meanwhile, when students walk into the cafeteria they will find a place to congregate that will feel like eating out. Student suggestions were incorporated into the renovation, for example, you can plug in all over the place! And, there are booths!

For a group of early risers, this first morning in the new space was an eye opener. One student said if this is the first thing she sees on the first day, she has very high hopes for the rest of the school year.

New North Kansas City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Dan Clemens, was checking out the new digs first thing this morning, as well. He, too, said it is all about giving students, staff and parents a place of which to be proud and in which to excel.

Just think, this year’s freshmen are the Class of 2020! That’s a little startling! But, here at the Home of the Griffins, they will continue to put the “win” in Winnetonka



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