Woman, 27, shot near KCK casino dies during I-35 traffic stop

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 27-year-old woman shot near a KCK casino Tuesday morning died on the side of the road after police pulled her driver over for speeding, according to reports from three police agencies involved in the situation.

Police have identified her as Overland Park resident Tanna K. Moyer.

A Mission police officer pulled a person over for speeding on the I-35 exit ramp that heads up to Antioch Road. The officer noticed Moyer in the passenger seat with a serious gunshot wound. 

Overland Park police responded to assist, and crews performed CPR on scene. According to the report from OPPD, the woman had a faint pulse when authorities first arrived, but died on the side of the road from her injuries. 

After talking with the driver, investigators learned the shooting happened outside the 7th Street Casino in KCK near 7th and Armstrong. KCK police later found spent shell casings and broken glass near the intersection. 

There was no immediate indication Moyer or the driver were ever inside the casino. Police believe they were in the area to meet someone, but didn't provide any further information on the circumstance of the shooting. 

"We do believe the victim and her acquaintance were coming [to KCK] to meet someone, and that is when it happened," said Cameron Morgan with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department. 

It's unclear where the driver was taking the victim or how they might be involved in the case, but police indicated they were likely rushing the woman to a hospital for treatment.

"They worked with the witness that was in the vehicle with the victim to discover the crime happened in our city," said Morgan. "We secured the scene where we found glass and shell casings." 

Following the route from the shooting scene to the traffic stop, Shawnee Mission Medical Center was one of the closest hospitals to the end of the route, but it wasn't the closest to the shooting scene. Truman Medical Center and KU Medical Center, among others, were also along the driver's route south into Johnson County. 

Per the latest report, there was no information on a suspect in the fatal shooting. 

Police did not immediately release the identity of the driver or the woman who died. 


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