Woman trying to return stranger's U.S. Army ring found in parking lot

Posted at 9:52 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 23:17:45-04

A Payless shoe store shopper found a U.S. Army ring laying in the parking lot and hopes to get it back to its rightful owner.

Wendy McConnell parked outside the Payless near Noland Road and I-70 and immediately noticed a gold ring lying in the yellow line.

"I opened the door and it was sort of face down," McConnell said. "I looked around and I didn't see anybody around."




It's a soldier's ring, engraved and personalized. 

"It says 'this we'll defend' and the person's name, Lloyd," McConnell showed to 41 Action News. 

She checked with the Payless clerks and even waited around for someone to come back and claim it, before posting about it on Facebook. 

By Tuesday evening, her post was shared over 5,000 times. 

"I know exactly what it feels like to have lost something that has my name in it and has no value to anyone else but me," she said. 

Though the ring isn't worth a lot of money, its meaning is priceless.

McConnell is hopeful she'll be able to get it back in the hands where it belongs.

“Somebody worked hard for this. There’s scuff marks, it's worn and tattered," she said. "It represents someone's hard work and dedication so if I can help to get it back to them, I am more than happy to do so.”