Workshop gives inner-city boys essentials for manhood

Posted at 2:31 PM, Oct 22, 2016
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Raising boys to become men is not an easy task. So a local organization, Stop the Violence KC, is stepping in to help.

Tying a tie, mowing the lawn, sex education, money management, and ironing - all essentials that a young man needs to know.

"You can't be successful unless you're neat for the job," founder Torrance Ray says.

Ray says these essentials will make a difference in Kansas City's urban neighborhoods, the places where there is the most crime.



He puts on free workshops for boys that teaches life skills, in hopes it'll take the weight off single mothers.

"They were just so happy and pleased that someone is stepping up to do this," Ray said. "Not to say the mothers aren't teaching them, but coming from a man, it's a whole lot better."

Twelve-year-old Michael Davis took the workshop because his uncle brought him.

"It's teaching me how to be a man and to get me ready for when I become an adult. I want to get a job so I can like, look good and stuff," Davis said.

The group of 25 boys, ranging from age 10 to 18, went around to different stations, learning different skills. 

One young man was looking forward to using his new tie tying skills for an upcoming job interview.

The idea is, if they know how to look the part, they'll play the part, too.



All it takes is encouragement.

"That speaks volumes. If we can have men in these kids' life, they can walk away and say, this stranger I didn't even know cared about me. They'll take that on an want to be successful in life," Ray said.

The workshops are completely free for any mother who wants to sign up her son.

Ray is always looking for positive men to help out.

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