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'You lose everything;" family of man who died in cliff fall says no view is worth a life

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-01 19:52:39-05

HANKSVILLE, Utah — If it involved adventure, it had 19-year-old Jonathan Fielding's name written all over it. Now, family and friends are mourning the loss of the man who had just moved to Utah and fell to his death while trying to take pictures near Moonscape Overlook.

"We loved him more than anything else in this world," said his sister, Rebecca Fielding, from the family's Missouri hometown.
Jonathan's sister said he loved hiking every single weekend he was off work. Rebecca even got him a National Park Pass for Christmas.

On Saturday, Fielding went on his final adventure where he spent his last minutes doing what he loved: Hiking and taking pictures.

"He had a true talent, his photography is unbelievable," said Rebecca. "He was going to have such a big career in front of him."

Fielding and some friends were at the overlook when he climbed down to a ledge, lost his balance and fell 150 feet, dying on impact.

"One of the only small comfort of this is that he died on impact and he didn't feel any pain, and he probably didn't even have time to register what was happening," Rebecca said.

Rebecca added that Jonathan was the kind of person who put everyone before himself.

"He was not very prepared for camping, so I offered him my sleeping bag and my sleeping pad because I was going to be a whole lot warmer in my car, but he refused to take them, so he slept outside," she recalled. "He did not want to make anyone else uncomfortable for his sake."

Jonathan was "obsessed" with Takis, the popular snack food, according to Rebecca, as well as Spider-Man.

At a makeshift memorial at Moonscape Overlook, Rebecca placed a journal where her brother lost his life.

"The last sentence that I wrote was he was an individual who left a Grand Canyon size impact on the world," she said.

Fielding hopes people will remember no view is with their life in memory of her baby brother.

"It is so easy to misjudge a place, misjudge a cliff, and all it takes is one wrong step and you lose everything."