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2 residents at Senior Star say Olympic events at Northland living facility is all about girl power

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Posted at 3:57 PM, Jun 21, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Olympics got an early start Friday at Senior Star assisted living facility in the Northland, and two residents say it's all about girl power.

"Come on girls, girl power," resident Caren Seaman said as she threw up her fist and encouraged fellow residents to chant along.

Residents got to participate in Greek-inspired Olympic events on Friday.

"I'm participating in the chariot race because I have a chariot, her name is Big Bertha," Seaman said pointing to her chair.

From discus throwing to horse and chariot races to arm wrestling, residents had several options to choose from.

Seaman's friend and fellow resident, Paulette Wells, was most excited for arm wrestling.

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Paulette Wells

"I could win against some people, yes," Wells said. "It would be fun, especially to try on some of these men around here who think they're Mighty Mouse."

While the events are fun for the residents, it's good for their mental and physical health too.

"We love to see them get out, meet their neighbors that they may not have spoken to here recently," said Roderick Warren, assistant executive director at Senior Star at Wexford Place.

Seaman said the Olympic events made her feel involved in the world.

"We don't get the chance to be involved much anymore, but we're still here in the world getting involved, and that's great as far as I'm concerned," Seaman said.

In true girl-power spirit, Seaman said she's excited to tune into the Olympics and watch Simone Biles.

"It's absolutely amazing what that girl can do."