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'It is such a bond that we have': Former Chiefs QB headed to Super Bowl LVIII with his daughter

Former Chiefs quarterback Tony Adams
Posted at 6:24 PM, Feb 07, 2024

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Former Chiefs quarterback Tony Adams is headed to the Super Bowl LVIII with one of his daughters.

The two are excited to spend some quality time and celebrate what the team has meant to their family over the years.

Adams says being a Chiefs player in the late 70s was a different time.

The rules, the fans, the money — everything was different. But fame, especially with his kids, has a funny way of circling back.

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“They are so much more aware of what dad did now,” Adams said.

Adams’ love for the game runs in his blood, so it trickled down to his kids.

His daughter, Jennifer Tyson, says the older she gets, the more she appreciates having a former Chiefs player as her dad.

“This is where I try not to get emotional because it is such a bond that we have that I just love,” Tyson said. “It’s just been so great to see that his hard work and dedication to the sport has carried through his whole lifetime.”

It is part of the reason why she is happy Taylor Swift is dating a Chiefs player. She believes it has brought a lot of fathers and daughters together this season.

“I think father and daughters sometimes lose connection over time, you know, just being different," Tyson said. "And this is something that has always kept us having a bond and conversation.”

That bond has created a lifetime of memories and traditions as well. For instance, no kick-off is ever allowed before a proper toast with Bloody Mary’s.

Not only has it become a game day tradition, but it has also become a superstition.

“So we’re looking at couple places to go Sunday morning before the game,” Adams said.

Tyson is excited to celebrate her dad’s career and check off a bucket list item this coming Sunday.

The father-daughter duo plans to travel for several days together and attend the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

“It’s the excitement that Jennifer has — that’s what’s fun,” said Adams.