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LGBTQ members of Trinity United Methodist Church explain feelings of being accepted by church

Suzanne Fischer reminisces on her wedding day
Posted at 5:28 PM, Jun 11, 2024

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — At Trinity United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, every Sunday is filled with church-goers.

But, especially this Pride Month, they want everyone to know no matter who you are, you’re always welcome to share a seat with them.

Suzanne Fischer fondly flips through the pages of her wedding album, reminiscing about her special day.

For her, it's more than just a collection of memories — it symbolizes a journey of acceptance and love.

Suzanne Fischer, a member of Trinity United

Fischer, a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, tied the knot with her partner of 40 years in 2016, an event she once thought impossible.

"I can't think of anybody here who doesn't accept us just for us," Fischer said.

In fact, she said being part of Trinity United makes her more proud.

"A lot of our folks who are gay just go about their business," Fischer said. "There’s no having to deny anything, there’s no having to even express it, because we just are."

Retired United Methodist Pastor Lee Johnson shares Fischer's sentiment.

He too was married to his husband by a United Methodist pastor.

Lee Johnson, a retired United Methodist pastor

"That's the role of the church with everyone, is to help them be the best person they can become, and to love and accept them on the way," Johnson said.

The welcoming atmosphere of the church is evident even in its decor.

Reverend Tino Herrera explains Trinity United was the first church to openly welcome members of the LGBTQ community back in 1994. Today, that mission of inclusivity continues.

"All are welcome here," Herrera said. "All carry the image of God, and all of us have worth and gifts to offer."

Current Trinity United pastor, Reverend Tino Herrera

For Fischer, Trinity United has brought fulfillment, community, and courage, and more memories to put in the scrapbook.

"I was having the best time of my life," she reflects, her joy contagious. "And everybody's happy."