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One Tank Trips: Immersive Van Gogh

This digital art experience allows you to view Vincent Van Gogh's art like never before.
immersive van gogh
immersive van gogh
Posted at 6:20 AM, Aug 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-27 07:20:34-04

Lighthouse Immersive is a permanent art space in Kansas City. They have been able to roll out several different immersive experiences, and right now, you can check out "Immersive Van Gogh."

When you first walk through the doors for this experience, you will see their sunflower wall, which aims to highlight Van Gogh's signature flower in his art work.

As you explore, you begin to get a personal idea of who Van Gogh was through the letters he wrote to his brother. Lighthouse Immersive combined technology with history to bring Van Gogh's letters to life. Not only can you read some of them, but you can also scan a QR code that allows you to receive a letter from Van Gogh.

You will also find another interactive exhibit that allows you to get an understanding of Van Gogh's condition called chromesthesia. This condition allows people to see certain colors based off of a specific tone.

Van Gogh's art comes to life inside their main attraction, which is 600,000 cubic feet of projections that take you through a digital experience.