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Posted at 3:57 PM, Jul 27, 2016
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Anyone who frequents the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City has likely noticed the increase in traffic this month, both foot traffic and cars.

It’s tough to miss the masses of people gathered, staring down at their phones, obviously trying to catch all the Pokemon with the new Pokemon Go app. They are there in the afternoons, evenings and well into the night. Businesses are even marketing to their new traffic, some going as far as to reference Pokemon directly in their advertisements.

With so many more people gathering on the Plaza, it’s understandable why some might be concerned with safety.

The incidents report for the month of July doesn’t show any more activity than a typical month, but assaults and thefts do happen.

(Source: via KCPD)

With that in mind, it’s worth noting there are emergency call buttons, but not in places more and more people are gathering.

The Plaza has emergency call buttons in every parking garage on every level. There are multiple boxes on most floors in those garages. And depending on which garage you are in, those boxes can look a bit different. The boxes in the garages have blue or flashing red lights and a button you can push 24 hours a day to be connected to Plaza security.

Plaza security does not have any emergency call buttons out along the general shopping strip.

West 47th Street on the Plaza

We called from one of the boxes and the call was answered within 12 seconds. The boxes are available and answered 24/7. The call boxes are used for a variety of reasons, most of them non-emergency like a lost car or flat tire.

The Plaza tells us they have seen a significant foot traffic increase since Pokemon Go and that they have not had any security issues related to the app specifically.

WATCH: A helpful woman helped us share with you how the button works in the video above.



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