Kan. voters wait hours to cast GOP caucus ballot

Posted at 2:12 PM, Mar 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 19:58:27-05

Voters waited for hours on Saturday at Olathe South High School to cast their vote for the GOP caucus. Though, some voters left before casting a ballot.



"I am not very happy about it at all. I have been here for more than an hour, I'm still at the back of the line and I have to go. I don't have time to even vote," said Olathe resident Dennis Runyan.

People started gathering at the high school an hour before voting opened for the GOP caucus, patiently waiting to cast their vote. By the time voting opened at 10 a.m., the line was out the door.

CLICK HEREfor information on Kansas caucus locations. 

Since 2012, voter turnout is at a new high for the GOP caucuses. 

  • Nevada saw 42,000 more voters.
  • New Hampshire saw 36,000 more voters.
  • South Carolina saw 127,000 more voters.
  • The Johnson County Republican Party says they expect 15,000 more voters this year.

"I think eight million Republicans voted at of the end of Super Tuesday and only five million democrats. It was the exact opposite eight years ago and so the enthusiasm, the energy is all on the republican side this year," said Congressman Kevin Yoder.

Most voters said this is the first time they have voted in a caucus.



"Being here will make a difference in the primary elections and I want to make sure that they know where I stand and that my vote counts for something,” said Olathe resident Linda Fletcher.


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