Talk of the town: Where Parkville voters stand in the 2016 election

Posted at 7:17 PM, Oct 07, 2016
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Some strong political opinions poured out of conversation at Parkville Coffee Friday.

Election Takeaways

When asked if the election has been interesting to her so far, Parkville’s Janet Archer responded in the affirmative.

“You bet it has,” said Archer. “It feels more like a reality show than a political campaign at times.”

Two decades-old friends allowed 41 Action News to join their conversation at the coffee shop.

Sue Hussey and Cecilia Rittenhouse have been friends since grade school, well before their 1965 high school graduation.

“I just don’t like the tone and the hate. I think people are getting to… they’re just not being nice to each other. You know they need to… everyone needs to step back and be kinder,” said Sue Hussey, reacting to the 2016 presidential election so far.

Rittenhouse shares Hussey’s disappointment.

“Seeing the progression over election years, this is just spiraling downhill so fast,” said Rittenhouse.

Top Issues

Equal pay for women is a top political issue for Archer, who carries a “woman for Hillary” card with her.

“It says lower wages. 79 cents or less for every dollar that a man makes,” said Archer reading from the card.

Prosperity for children is what Hussey hopes for.

“Just too many children living in poverty even in the United States, not getting what they need,” said Hussey. “We can’t expect them to rise above where they’re living if we don’t provide good schools and everything else for them.”

30-year Parkville resident Chris Eyring says immigration is the top of his issue list.

"We need broader control over it, more of a grip,” said Eyring “Keep a check on who is coming and going out of our country. It’s much too wide open in my opinion.”

Something all could agree on

Parkville remains a winner regardless of who becomes the 45th president.

“Parkville is an awesome town,” said Eyring.

“Lots of cute little shops,” said Rittenhouse.

“I love Parkville,” said Archer.



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