School says School Day at the K trip canceled

Posted at 5:28 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 21:09:26-05

A group of 200 second-graders at Cottonwood Elementary School got some disappointing news - they won't be going on the annual field trip to see their World Series Royals this year. 

A letter went home to parents that said their seats for 'School Day at the K' were given away due to a large number of season ticket holders. 

Image of letter from Cottonwood Elementary School

Mikel King said his 7-year-old daughter was heartbroken about missing out on the area’s largest educational field trip. “They only allow second-graders to attend ‘School Day at the K,’ so once they move on, they'll never see the event again.”

King feels like the Royals are thinking more about their pocketbook than the kids. “It's unfortunate that the metro and the community supported the Royals through this and now they're taking a greedy look at, 'We need to sell tickets, kids don't really matter,' the kids are the future, they are the future supporters."

The Royals said the game is a very popular event every year.

“We had contacted them a few weeks ago to say they needed to book the tickets as soon as possible. We hadn't heard from them and eventually sold it to capacity. Once the season starts, some areas might open up since we'll know what season ticket commitments we have," said Toby Cook, Royals vice president of communications.

The principal at Cottonwood told 41 Action News they are working on another educational and fun field trip for the spring.

The Royals have also opened up standing room only for School Day at the K this year only to Cottonwood and other schools who couldn’t get tickets.


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