The construction is over! Drivers have access to the I-35 and 95th Street interchange

Interchange is now a diverging diamond
Posted at 12:05 PM, Aug 16, 2016

The construction chaos is coming to an end for drivers in Johnson County.

On Wednesday, drivers will be able to go through the I-35 and 95th Street interchange.

The Kansas Department of Transportation is reopening the interchange after converting it to a diverging diamond. A diverging diamond is designed to help alleviate traffic congestion, especially in an area where there are several left turns.

Thousands of drivers are relieved to be able to use I-35 at 95th Street again after the six-month project closed the area. 

Jennifer Bustos-Gomez is more than happy. 

The reopening means customers will again have a direct route to her restaurant, Mi Ranchito located on 95th Street in Lenexa. 

“We are absolutely jubilant," Bustos-Gomez said. “Of course it slowed us down some. Nobody could get to us from the mall, and our transit business went down to about zero.”

The diverging diamond construction project first closed the area in February.

Bustos-Gomez wouldn't share how much money the restaurant lost, but said "easily thousands."

She depended on her loyal, regular customers like Michelle Dove. 

"To come here, I literally live across the intersection but have to go all the way down probably around Pflumm and work my way through all the construction," Dove explained. 

The closure added time to Dove's drive to Mi Ranchito and to work every day. She shares the same relief as Bustos-Gomez, now that the construction is finally finished. 

"We are very excited. We are expecting to get slammed tomorrow and have it carry into the weekend," Bustos-Gomez said. 

Workers anticipate the interchange being open by rush hour on Wednesday. 

How to navigate a diverging diamond

If you have never gone through a diverging diamond, it will feel a little different.

When you enter the diamond, you will cross over to the other side of the road, so it feels like you are going the wrong way. Bottom line - be very aware of the signs around the area to know if you are going the right direction.

To help you feel more comfortable about the diverging diamond at I-35 and 95th Street, we have posted a traffic map. It shows you which direction traffic will flow once you get into the diamond.

Courtesy of KDOT


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