More bullying complaints against Turner District

Posted at 9:52 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 23:31:19-04

After 41 Action News first reported on bullying in the Turner School District on Monday night, an overwhelming amount of responses rolled in.

A grandfather sent us video of his grandson, a student at Turner Middle School, being beaten and taunted in the lunchroom. The district issued the bully a suspension, but like many other parents and guardians, the grandfather does not think it was enough.

Mother Kimberly De La Cruz pulled her daughter, Alexis, from Turner’s Midland Trail Elementary.

"I went to the school and nothing ever happened. They just gave me the run-around, and I’m tired of it. Something needs to be done,” she said. “Every morning she [Alexis] would cry literally, beg me, ‘Please mommy, don't send me to school’ and it just got to that point."

De La Cruz said she even found a suicide note from her daughter.

“Then I found a letter from her, basically saying, ‘Mommy, I love you, I just want you to know I will always love you just in case something happens to me.’"

On Monday, two mothers whose children attend Turner Schools said they often worried for their boys’ safety. The school did not respond to them.

"Well my son was bullied to the point that he was not eating,” LeeAnn Wright said.

In December 2015, mother Veronica Hanson told 41 Action News her 9-year-old son, Tanner, was repeatedly bullied on the school bus.

“My dad just told me to ignore it, and that's what I’ve been doing, just sitting there and smiling,” the young boy said.

De La Cruz refuses to send her daughter back to Midland Trail Elementary. She fears the worst could happen.

"There are just so many kids and, you know, kids are killing themselves now because of the bullying. And it's got to be stopped, it's got to be stopped."



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