KCK students plead Kansas lawmakers for school funding in video

Posted at 3:13 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 18:32:51-04

A small group of high school students in Kansas City, Kansas, produced a YouTube video this week aimed at Kansas lawmakers. It’s a video that reads, “We’re worth it.”

“I honestly feel like they don't care about the situation that's at hand,” said Tyron Harris, a student at Washington High School.

"My dream is to be a band director, so when I heard about that, the first thing I initially thought about was me not pursuing a dream I wanted to,” he said.

Thursday was day one of a special session for Kansas legislators to address a court mandate on education funding. If a budget isn’t passed soon, public schools throughout the state may not open. The dozen or so summer school students who made the video are hoping their video will open eyes.

"It took me forever to get here and I want my year. I wanna graduate,” said soon-to-be Schlagle senior Destiny Johnson.

Angel McDonald goes to Schlagle as well. She’s concerned about how she would provide for her son without a high school diploma.

“You can't go nowhere in life without a high school diploma. You can't do anything,” she said.

The YouTube video includes students displaying disconcerting facts as well, such as the high percentage of unemployed without a high school diploma.

Watch the students' video below.

“Everyone says they care about the future, care about the future children. But if the schools shut down, how are they showing us that they care about us?” asked J.C. Harmon student Olivia Martinez.

A school funding bill passed 9-2 out of Senate Ways & Means committee early Thursday afternoon. It still needs to be approved on both floors of the state House and Senate.



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