Lawrence brothers chase their passions at 1900 Barker

Posted at 10:41 AM, Jul 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-04 19:28:02-04

When you walk into 1900 Barker, you’ll smell freshly baked bread and hear a coffee grinder.

1900 Barker is a bakery café created by Taylor and Reagan Pretrehn. The two opened the café in 2015.

Taylor, 24, works in the bakery and Reagan, 22, works in the café.

Taylor said that even though they are young, they have been working on their skills for years.

“Reagan and I spent a long time investing in everything that we do now beforehand. So we had years of experience in school and in post school,” Taylor said.

Taylor fell in love with baking when he first worked at a pizza place. Reagan found his passion for coffee when he worked in a café during school.

Because of their love for what they do, the brothers are picky with how their products are made.

“We taste everything blind,” said Reagan when talking about how they pick what coffee to make.

The coffee beans have to meet a high standard for Reagan before choosing what coffee company to work with.

“We try to find things that excite us,” Reagan said.

For Taylor, the perfect loaf of bread is organic, and the pastries they make don’t have much sugar and rely on fruit. His bread and pastries can take up to three days to make.

The brothers said that even though what they have is simple, they work very hard to make their products standout and to have customers enjoy their experience.

Reagan said, “This is a place where we make everyone feel at home.”