Johnson County holiday store celebrates 38 years of spreading Christmas joy

Posted at 9:32 AM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 10:35:01-05

Think pop-up shops are the latest, trendiest thing out there? Especially holiday pop-up shops?

Well, there’s one shop that’s been popping up since 1978. For a very good reason.

The Johnson County Christmas Bureau’s Holiday Shop, 16100 West 135th Street in Olathe, is back and open for business.

Starting on December 2 and running through this coming Saturday, December 10, the JCCB will serve about 12,000 Johnson County residents.

Here are the facts:  All clients live below 150% of the poverty level, reside in Johnson County and have a child 19 years or younger at home.

Some 3,000 volunteers think of them as Santa’s front line, helping organize and orchestrate the event.

Those in need make an appointment and, then, show up and shop!

There are groceries, personal care items, lots of gift ideas, books, toys and warm winter clothes.

For many children, the Holiday Shop will provide the only gift and winter coat they will receive.

According to Larry Bigus, JCCB director, the folks who use the shop are often our neighbors and friends, usually with jobs, who find it nearly impossible to create a Christmas in their current economic circumstance.

The looks of joy and relief as clients make their way through the aisles, according to Mr. Bigus, are what the holidays are really all about.


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