Outrage erupts after OP leaders pass controversial tax plan for Brookridge project

Posted at 6:15 AM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 07:30:15-05

Overland Park City Council voted to establish tax increment financing (TIF) and a STAR bond district for the controversial Brookridge redevelopment project.

The hearing had a packed house Monday night, with many residents angry the council voted on something they said they don't want.

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The idea was met with overwhelming opposition from neighbors two years ago.

Curtin Property Co. plans to redevelop the golf and country club at Antioch Road and I-435 into retail, entertainment and office space.

However, the developer wouldn't have to pay corporate income taxes, something residents were outraged with.

"There's a request from this developer that exceeds any amount that would ever be considered feasible, and it is our understanding, as was just said, that his LLC corporation has no Kansas income tax, and yet he wants Kansas and Overland Park to build his project," one woman said.

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Residents also expressed outrage that the project isn't bringing anything new to the city, while diminishing green space.

"It duplicates services, retail, housing, and entertainment options, which are quickly becoming available on every corner," another woman said.

The TIF and STAR bonds could equal $600 million in subsidies.




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