Overland Park creates 3D figurines of your family pictures

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s a different take on a family portrait that involves dozens of cameras and 3D technology.

“Think of a photograph of them, now think of a better way to look at that photograph,” said Malik James, co-owner of Doob 3D.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a 3D figurine? 

“At the core of our store is our technology, our scanning technology. We are not necessarily a 3D printing company; we are someone that boasts the most sophisticated and highest technology in the nation right now,” said James.

So how does it work? First, you walk into the "Dooblicator" and take a picture.

“We like to call them 66 little paparazzi. They will take your photo at the same time, then use that to overlay them and create the 3D avatar,” said Co-owner Nick Nikkhah.

Malik and Nick are the owners of the Overland Park store. They are from the Kansas City area and wanted this technology to be in the heart of the country.

“Since I am from here and live here, why not let it grow from the inside out? That is why we brought it to the Kansas City area, it's unique, it doesn't exist around us. The only other ones are on the coast so for us to bring it here is very special to us.”

It’s not cheap. Costs start at $95. The owners say it’s an investment.

“I don't want to call it a luxury item, I would call it a keepsake. I think if anyone is given a keepsake or it's purchased it's of high value,” said James.

While the technology is used to create figures, James said it can be used for much more.

“Think of having custom gloves that only fit your hand. Think of Nike saying they want to be the first to make custom shoes for your foot. Think about never having to go to a tailor again. You can shop using your avatar.”


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