Overland Park tables BluHawk STAR bond district talks until August 1

Posted at 9:53 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 23:25:57-04

The Overland Park City Council voted to table consideration of a STAR bond district for BluHawk, the mixed-use development that would be built at 159th and Antioch.

Price Brothers, the developer, wants $205 million in taxpayer money for the $649 million project. That gives people in the community like Jan Jones pause.

"If they don't receive the money, they told us directly that they will not proceed with the arena or the museum," Jones said.

She joined several others at the meeting Monday night who raised issues with a feasibility study sent to the city and state as part of the bond proposal.

During public comment Jones added, "I just hope you really get down and peel back this onion, guys, and let's look at the detail before you jump into spending our tax money over 20 years."

Councilman Dan Janson opened up saying the city had received well over 100 emails asking them to approve the bonds. Councilman Paul Lyons isn't sold.

"I have, in my view, received virtually no information that really gets me to a point to understand why this project should deserve STAR bond revenue," Lyons said.

The City Council expects a decision from the Secretary of Commerce on if BluHawk is eligible for STAR bonds in a few weeks. They plan to consider the district for the development at the Aug. 1 meeting. 



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