Veteran allegedly touched inappropriately

Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-16 23:12:13-04

The VA and one of its former employees who worked at the Leavenworth location was served a federal civil lawsuit this week.

Kansas City Attorney Dan Curry’s client is a Purple Heart recipient who fought in Iraq.

“When he was fighting in Iraq, he was wounded, he had his leg amputated as a result. He continues to this day to experience phantom pain and he needs to go to the VA to get his medication. To get that medication, he had to see Mr. Wisner," said Curry.

The lawsuit states that when Curry’s client visited Wisner for care, he was touched inappropriately without gloves. Wisner recommended a prostate exam at his next appointment for no medical reason.

“Mark Wisner gave our client some inappropriate examination of his genitalia. And it was hard on our guy,” Curry explained. “The scale of what has happened in here is ... really unimaginable and unacceptable."

Curry believes people who worked at the VA knew about Wisner’s behavior.

"I believe there is no other possibility. This many instances. The VA must have known. Somebody must of known."

Curry and his client filed a claim with the VA and waited the mandatory six months but said the VA was not cooperative, which is why they filed suit.

"My client would like people to know that they are not alone. You know people out there, who had to go through this with Mr. Wisner, and people who saw something happen,” Curry added.

Wisner was charged criminally in Leavenworth County last year. A jury trial is set for April 25. 


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