Some drivers call for change at intersection

Posted at 7:41 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 20:41:37-04

Following another deadly wreck at an Independence intersection, some drivers who go through it every day are calling on MoDOT to make a change.

Nearby residents said the traffic lights glitch and do not give drivers the right of way for multiple cycles. Drivers wait for a green turn arrow, or some run the red light. 

"It is all times of the day that it has problems," said Walter Homfeld, who lives at the closest home to that intersection. "There's always some accident down here."

Homfeld said he has called the city and MoDOT multiple times on the issue.

"They can't say that it's never been reported because they're down there at least once a week on it," said Homfeld.

41 Action News requested the number of times MoDOT has serviced the signals at 24 Highway and Blue Mills Road. MoDOT has yet to provide that information.

"Hopefully they can get it right. I know they invested some money in it trying to get it right," said Steve White, who also lives close to the crossing.

Frequent running of red lights

Both White and Homfeld admit to not waiting for the change, saying it's just too long.

"Sat through multiple cycles, and there were people backing up behind me and I kept a look both ways, treated it as if it were a stop sign and when it was safe to move, I did," said White.

"Been a lot of that. I know I’ve been caught in that myself many times," said Homfeld. "Not just me; sit here just a little while you will get a chance to see it, I guarantee ya that, putting money on that." 



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