Owner of missing dog in Windsor avoids scam

Posted at 5:56 PM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 19:26:43-04

A woman lost her dog, and during her desperate search, a stranger tried to take advantage of the situation by asking for a ransom.

LaReese Sewell loves all her animals, but there's one she adores most - her Doberman, Zee. But the loyal companion of 13 years ran off almost a month ago as she was burning trash at her home on Anderson Road.

"There must have been a can or something in the trash and it exploded and it scared him," Sewell said.

Family and friends set up a Facebook page "Help Us Find Zee" to help with the search.

"I hate to think about him being out there by himself being victimized by someone," Sewell said.

On Monday, Sewell received a text message from a Tennessee area code. The person claimed to have the dog, but there was a catch.

"I had to do something for him and I said, 'What would that be?' And he goes, 'You have to give me $200,' and I'm like, 'Will you send me a picture? So I can make sure that's my dog,' and he's like, 'What, you don't trust me?' No!" Sewell said, describing the text exchanges.

There were inconsistency in his story that made her realize it was a scam.

Sewell went to law enforcement, but there's not much that they can do.

"Had I sent this guy the $200, that would have been a crime," Sewell said.

41 Action News called the number that was texting Sewell. It turned out to be a Google Voice number. There wasn't an answer; however, soon after the call, the individual followed up with a text and asked if she had the money.

"I know that he lied," Sewell said. "It's sad that somebody could be so heartless."

So now the search still continues for the tan and black Doberman with a bobtail and a red collar with Sewell’s address and phone number.

The betrayal hasn't broken Sewell's hope in this search for her best friend.



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