Smithville police warn of police impersonator

Posted: 5:42 AM, Apr 22, 2016
Updated: 2016-04-22 23:18:46Z

The Smithville Police Department is warning the community about a possible police impersonator.

Police say a female driver was pulled over April 16 by a man in a gray Chevrolet or GMC truck. Police say the stop happened on 169 Highway just south of Main Street in Smithville, Missouri. 

According to police, the truck had red and blue lights under the grill. However, the man was not a police officer. 

The woman told police she was driving along 169 when the silver pickup truck pulled her over. She pulled over at the Hillside Plaza. The man was in plain clothing and yelled at her for tailgating, telling her if he was on duty he would have given her a citation.

"That is super scary that it could happen right where I am at," said Melissa Hadley, who owns A+ Pet Salon located at Hillside Plaza.

"It's just really scary that that did happen right in my own parking lot," said Hadley.

If you believe you are being pulled over by a phony, drive into a well-lit area and call 911 to verify the officer. Turn on your flashers to signal you plan on pulling over.

It is also OK to ask the police officer for ID. Smithville Detective Kathrine Ford says an incident like this one is uncommon but not unheard of.

"There are agencies that drive unmarked police cars, so that's what we are trying to find out at this point is if there is an area of concern, we are trying to identify the party that made this stop," said Ford.

The female driver told police she was confronted by a white male who is 50 to 60 years old. The man is of medium build with salt and pepper hair, along with a full beard. 

If you have more information about the case, contact Smithville police at 816-532-0500. 



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