KU police prepare for concealed carry of handguns on campus

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Campus police at the University of Kansas are hiring more officers and ordering new equipment to prepare for the campus carry law, set to take effect in July.

The new state law requires public universities to allow lawful carry of concealed handguns.

Chief of Police Chris Keary confirmed the additions to 41 Action News Friday.

“We’ll be adding three more police officer positions and three security office positions,” he said.

The department is also investing in four portable metal detectors that can be set up in any part of campus at any time.

"Adequate security measures are equipment, the personnel to run that equipment and an armed presence," Keary explained.

Under the law, buildings can prohibit guns only if the facilities are equipped with adequate security. Keary says no campus building will have permanent security measures. The portable metal detectors are expected to help keep guns out of certain temporary events.

KU's Athletic Department is handling costs for Memorial Stadium and Allen Fieldhouse. Those venues will continue to be gun-free zones.

Officials expect metal detectors to cost the department more than $1 million.

Some staff, students and parents still have concerns.

"As a mother, it really scares me," said Danielle Green, who's son is a sophomore at KU. "I do not like concealed carry, I do not see a reason to have weapons in classrooms.”

Graduate student and teacher William Hatumginana said he'll feel "very uncomfortable."

"Police are here to keep students safe, but they are not here to guarantee they are going to control everybody's intentions," he said. "You never know what people can do at any time."




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