Drones, tanning and welfare: New Kansas laws take effect Friday

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jun 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-30 19:26:32-04

A handful of new Kansas laws are set to go into effect July 1.


The legal definition of what constitutes harassment or stalking now includes this use of drones.

The official summary of Senate Bill 319 states:

The definition of “harassment” is expanded to include any course of conduct carried out through the use of an unmanned aerial system, commonly known as drones, over or near any dwelling, occupied vehicle, or other place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from uninvited intrusion or surveillance.


If you want to tan in Kansas, you must now be 18 or older.

House Bill 2456 does not have a parental consent waiver attached to it.

The bill’s summary states:

The bill creates the Kansas Tanning Facilities Act and prohibits a tanning facility from providing access to a tanning device to any individual under 18 years of age. In addition to or in place of disciplinary action currently allowed under statute, the Board of Cosmetology has authority to impose fines up to $250 against a tanning facility licensee for each violation.


The penalty for getting caught with marijuana will not be as harsh. If you get caught and it's your first time, the maximum sentence will only be six months versus one year.

If you get caught a second time, you could go to jail for one year.

Revenge porn

If you post nude photos or videos without someone's consent, you will face criminal charges. The Kansas law is aimed at reducing what's called “revenge porn,” where people post sexual material of an ex.

College religion

Religious groups at universities can restrict their membership. They can ban those who don't follow the group’s religious beliefs.


How long people can stay on welfare will now be shortened. Instead of 36 months, people can only get help for 24 months.

This is the second time in two years lawmakers dropped the length.



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