1928 note found inside K-State's stadium wall

Posted at 8:38 PM, Feb 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 10:22:18-05

A note dated Feb. 2, 1928 was recently discovered behind stones at Kansas State University’s Memorial Stadium.

Garrett Wilson worked to replace cracked stones at the stadium when he found a tobacco tin tucked away.

Wilson remarked, “It's pretty cool, especially since it was hand-written. It had everybody's name and if you read the details it was kind of descriptive as to what was going on so you could kind of relive what was going on back then.”

According to the note, five workers placed it there in hopes it would be found again some day.

“They did mention the day's wage and they were kind of complaining about it back then. Ten dollars a day, and three dollars and some change for the laborers,” Wilson explained.

Written February 2, 1928, it reads:

"Dear Folks, Will place a not[e] in wall as it may some day be found and perhaps the men that Built it will be dead and forgotten. We are having nice weather was 18 above zero this morning. Hope when this is opened things will be better for the working man than [now?]. Mason got $10 per day and labor $3.20 there will have to be a change soon or the labor will be out of luck. Please print this if found signed 

CK Bell, Geo H Bell, W. Sorwell, Jim Kelley, Ray [Disney?] Good luck." 

The preserved note has been turned over to K-State.