Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens wants to know what you think is wrong with our government

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-13 20:11:38-04

Do you think the government has too many rules? Are they mandating things that don't make sense? Are you just sick and tired of the government's "red tape?"

Now is your chance to make your complaints heard. 

Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is launching a "No More Red Tape" survey. He wants you to talk about the rules and regulations you think work for Missouri, and those that don't.

The governor launched a new website,, for Missourians to submit recommendations on what "red tape" the government should cut.

In a statement first posted to his Facebook page, the governor said, "Earlier this year, a small business owner from Bolivar commented on our Facebook page. He told us about a crazy Missouri regulation that required his business to have a landline phone. It cost him $1,500 a year. A small business shouldn't be forced by the government to pay for outdated technology."

In his statement Wednesday, Greitens said, "Government red tape is out of control. It kills jobs and hurts working families. For too long, the burden of red tape has just gotten heavier. Politicians make government bigger and families have to deal with the consequences."

According to the governor, Missouri has more than 113,000 regulatory requirements. That is a number he wants to see drop.

According to the website, people have until May 31, 2018 to submit their opinions.

If Missouri chooses to eliminate a regulation or rule that you don't like, you can find updates on that website, or get the update via social media.