MO House votes on adoptee birth certificate bill

Posted at 8:42 AM, Mar 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-04 20:00:28-05

Missouri state representatives approved a compromise measure Thursday that would help some Missouri adult adoptees have greater access to their original birth certificate.

Right now, adult adoptees have to go through a legal process for a third party to find and get permission for the adult adoptee to see their birth certificate which names their biological parents. The measure approved Thursday is being called a giant step forward.

Missouri Rep. Don Phillips is leading the right to champion the bill. Phillips is calling the House vote historic.

"This is the first time in Missouri history that a bill giving more rights to adult adoptees has been approved by the House," said Phillips.

The measure passed 125-28.

Phillips's original bill would have granted adult adoptees the right to have their birth certificate without the need to get any permission. The compromise measure that passed Thursday would invite all birth parents to fill out a form that would be placed on the adoptee's birth certificate stating whether or not that birth parent wants contact with the adult child. If the birth parent said no, then the adoptee would not get to see their birth certificate. If the birth parent said yes, then the adult adoptee would get to see and have a copy of their original birth certificate.

Some groups are still opposing the measure, claiming it does not go far enough to protect the birth mother's identity.

Phillips's bill now advances to the Missouri Senate. More than 500,000 adult adoptees could be affected by the measure.


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