MO law would make firearm-blocking businesses responsible for safety of gun permit holders

Posted at 5:48 PM, Dec 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-26 22:16:20-05

Missouri House Bill 300 would make any business responsible for the safety of permit holders if it doesn't allow concealed firearms inside.

The legislation was pre-filed ahead of the 2017 legislative session by Republican Representative Mike Moon of Missouri's 157th District.

"If they're not going to allow people to protect themselves if they have a need to then they need to be responsible for the care of that individual if they're harmed," said Moon.

Moon referencing the Aurora, Colo. movie theater shooting as evidence the legislation is needed.

"If I remember correctly, he lived within 20 minutes or so of 7 different theaters. All but one didn't allow guns and guess which one he choose to attack?," said Moon. "I don't think we should have our hands tied by a business or someone else, even by the government, disallowing us to use whatever means we have available to protect ourselves."

Not all in Missouri are on board.

Dustin Edwards questions the bill and asks what it says about American society.

"We gotta be able to keep the American spirit," said Edwards. "We gotta be able to go in and out of places and not be able to just wild wild west it. If I had a gun and you had a gun and I got mad at you and you got mad at me then you're going to put it on this business?"

HB 300 would need to be recommended to a committee before any vote would take place.  Similar legislation proposed by Moon was not brought to the house floor for a vote in 2016. Missouri's legislature convenes Wednesday, Jan. 4.



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