Warrensburg mosque gets messages of acceptance and love from members of the community

Posted at 9:15 PM, Dec 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 11:20:16-05

There's something special going on in Warrensburg, Mo. 

"I've been here for 23 years now in this town and it's always been pleasant and good," said Dr. Kamal Ghozzi, imam at the Islamic Center of Warrensburg.

Over the weekend, a small group of people left messages of acceptance and love on their sidewalk. 

One of them was Karen Williamson. "I wrote peace and I tried to remember the symbol and I wrote a heart and decorated that and colored that in," she said.

In the midst of a climate where many Muslims have not felt welcomed, Ghozzi says that's not the case for them. He told 41 Action News, "I was happy and everyone here in the community was happy to see this, but none of us were surprised to see it."

A professor at the University of Central Missouri, Ghozzi explained, that although the city is small, it's diverse and open. He also noted support of Whiteman Air Force Base, Warrensburg Police and people who live in the area.

We asked Ghozzi for his thoughts about people who are surprised that the Muslim community is embraced so wholeheartedly. He said, "They don't know Warrensburg, Missouri."

The chalk messages have already faded, but they left a touching and emotional impact on Ghozzi and the Muslims in Warrensburg, "Because it's beautiful, it's beautiful. The sense of community is always beautiful."



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