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Women's History Month: Saluting women of Kansas City

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Posted at 2:38 PM, Mar 17, 2023

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As part of Women's History Month, members of the KSHB 41 Community Advisory Board are saluting women across Kansas City worthy of recognition for their hard work and dedication to making the Kansas City-area and people around them better.

We like to highlight those members as part of our efforts to highlight Women's History Month in Kansas City.

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Marijoy Jackson

Antoinette Redmond, Brooklyn Redmond, Marijoy Jackson

Nominated by Community Advisory Board member Antoinette Redmond
From Antoinette: "For Women’s History Month, I am saluting my hero, my mommy- Marijoy Jackson. Marijoy Jackson has been a postal carrier for the United Post Office for 20+ years. Through rain, sleet, or snow, she is working hard to deliver mail to her customers while maintaining a positive attitude. She passed along her strong work ethic and pursuit of education to her daughters. Although she did not have the opportunity to complete her college degree, she instilled in us the importance of graduating from college. With her support, we knew could accomplish anything we set our minds to. If we fell short of our aspirations, she is always there to comfort us with a smile, a hug, and a yummy meal. My mommy always gives from the heart and demonstrates her selflessness by ensuring everyone around her is taken care of. She is a gem who deserves to be praised. For the reasons listed above, I salute my mommy, Marijoy Jackson."

Angela Turrentine

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Angela Turrentine

Nominated by Community Advisory Board member Pauly Hart
From Pauly: "Pauly Hart, Lead to Read, Executive Director, is proud to recognize Angela Turrentine, Family & Community Engagement Liaison at Garfield Elementary School. As any visitor to Garfield knows, Angela is consistently caring, thoughtful, cheerful, and kind, stepping in to provide whatever help a situation may call for. Students without winter coats?Angela leveraged community partnerships to make sure each child had a warm coat to take home over break. Student who needs a little T.L.C? Angela is often seen walking down the hall with a student, offering encouragement and support. Angela makes everyone feel special and seen—students and adults. Her smile lights up a room. She is always willing to pitch in and help, no matter the situation or job. Angela embodies what all children need – a friendly smile and willingness to help."

Chaquita Weston

Chaquita Weston

Nominated by Community Advisory Board member Fahteema Parrish
From Fahteema: "It’s Women’s History Month, and I am saluting Chaquita Weston. Chaquita and I met while in High School and she has always been vibrant, smart, and hardworking. I am choosing to salute Ms. Weston for her perseverance in raising 5 solid young men despite the circumstances that she faced in her life. I would like to commend her for remaining focused through hard times and producing smart young men. Chaquita and her son were the first KC Scholars Scholarship awardees, and another graduated from Harris-Stowe State University with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Mathematics. I salute her resiliency and caring heart. I would like to leave her with a message: to keep going and remain a beautiful soul!"

Cynthia Fails

Cynthia Fails

Nominated by Community Advisory Board member Nadia Igram
From Nadia: "I would like to nominate Cynthia L. Fails. Cynthia is an extraordinary human being on so many levels. She is a published author of books in various genres--children's books, chapter books for young readers, romance novels, and motivational/personal growth. Cynthia is also the founder and CEO of LaunchCrate Publishing, a full-service publishing company. She is the type of person that decides she wants to do something and learns all the things she needs to know to get it done--and then does it seemingly effortlessly."