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Spoil Your Furry Friend During Happy Cat Month With These Discounted Scratching Posts

Spoil Your Furry Friend During Happy Cat Month With These Discounted Scratching Posts
Posted at 8:35 AM, Sep 23, 2022

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If you have a cat, there’s a good chance you experience some of the benefits of cat ownership: better sleep, a healthy heart — and maybe even more intelligence. And although cats get a bad rap for being standoffish and selfish, plenty of science out there provides they don’t deserve the hate: cats keep track of where you are in the house and may even mirror your personality. If that isn’t love, we’d like to know what is. So what’s the best way to love them back?

September is Happy Cat Month. Founded by the CATalyst Council, a nonprofit organization that enables the lifelong health and welfare of companion cats, Happy Cat Month was established to help cat owners learn ways to ensure their kitties are happy and healthy. As a caring cat parent, you probably look for ways to do so daily, such as regular vet visits, healthy food and lots of love and attention.

Another way to keep your cat comfortable and content is to pamper them with playthings and products that keep them close to you. Amazon-exclusive pet brand Lesure has several items that can help you spoil your furry friend this holiday.

Lesure Cat Scratching Post ($23.79, small)


This cute, climbable cat scratching post is tons of feline fun. The cactus is made of thick pipe covered in rough-feeling, claw-sharpening sisal twine. Kitties can scratch and bat around the interactive ball (with a tingling bell inside) to their heart’s content, leaving your furniture in peace. When the fun is done, your cat can rest on the broad, sturdy base covered in plush chenille.

This cat scratching post has 4.7 stars with nearly 900 ratings. Customers who have written reviews say the toy is well-made and their cats enjoy it.

“My cat loves this scratcher,” wrote reviewer C. Goddard, who shared a photo of the cute black and white kitty possibly preparing for a climb. “She is 7.5 pounds and can climb to the top since it is very sturdy. Great purchase.”

Amazon/C Godard

The cactus scratching post comes in two sizes. The small post ($23.79) measures 25.6 inches tall and 15.7 inches wide, and the large post ($39.99) is 34 inches high and 15.7 inches wide. Assembly is easy and can be completed within five minutes.

Lesure Small Cat Scratching Post with Bed ($36.79)


If it’s difficult to determine whether your cat loves playtime or naptime more, this two-in-one scratching post and kitty bed might make the perfect gift for your furbaby. Three thick posts are covered in sisal so your feline friend can scratch away. And if you are a multi-cat family, several cats can enjoy it simultaneously.

A soft and cozy cat-sized bed sits on the bottom base, but you can remove that to clean or use elsewhere. And underneath the base are four non-slip pads, which provide stability and protection for your floors.

Along with scratching or napping, cats can climb either upright post and play with the two plush balls dangling from the top scratching post. They will be entertained and get some safe, enjoyable exercise.

The scratching post/bed combo has a neutral color scheme and modern design that can fit any home decor. In addition, its compact size (its base is 13.6 by 15.8 inches and the unit is 21 inches high) is ideal for any space and makes it easy to move.

It has a 4.4 rating from more than a 110 reviewers and is on sale right now for $45.99, but you can also click a 20% coupon to bring the price down to $36.79.

Lesure TSA Airline Approved Pet Carrier ($42.10 for medium)


Don’t want to leave your kitties at home when you travel? Tote them along with this TSA-approved carrier. It’s available in medium (18 by 11 by 11 inches) at $42.10 (after you clip a coupon), which is perfect for cats up to 15 pounds, and large (20 by 12.4 by 11.4 inches) at $57.68 (with the coupon) for cats up to 25 pounds, this pet carrier is expandable and versatile.

The carrier has mesh on three sides and also features two expandable sides, so your kitty can breathe easily and safely see what’s happening around them. You can unroll the flap over the top mesh opening to encourage rest or reduce anxiety.



There are additional luggage straps to make it easier to carry and integrated buckles let you connect it to seat belts for extra safety. Locking zippers prevent your furbaby from jumping out of the carrier, and there is an interior harness clip if you need to secure your cat during travel.

The carrier is lined with 100% microfiber polyester Sherpa padding for comfort. You can remove the outer cover of the liner for cleaning.

Show your cat some love this Happy Cat Month with a gift that helps keep them happy and healthy at home or on the go!

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