#Royals2Royals hoping to get international eyes

Posted at 9:06 AM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 10:06:07-04

You've seen hashtag campaigns to get the attention of famous folks like Taylor Swift.

Sometimes they even work, like when they helped a Harrisonville girl meet her idol.

Well now there's a hashtag campaign aimed at the royal family. It's called #Royals2Royals.

The goal is to bring Prince William, Princess Kate and everyone to Kauffman Stadium.

You may have seen cardboard cut outs of the royal family out and about-like her Royal Highness at The Plaza Art Fair.

The man behind the hashtag, Paul Behnen, explains why.

"So the national spotlight is on us so we figured why not get the international spotlight. If not the queen, maybe we could get Prince William or Kate or Prince Harry - he is always up for a good time. Its all about the power of social media. Its a big outlandish, audacious idea but if we can get a bunch of people behind it, I think Buckingham Palace would have to sit up and take notice."

To get involved, just use the #Royals2Royals and share your pictures with the royal family.

Even if the Duke and Duchess deny our request, we'll still help make a lot of buzz for our boys in blue.


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